If You're going to San Francisco.

The city of St. Francis, City of Fog or city on the bay - American metropolis situated on the Pacific Ocean, and in fact the San Francisco Bay, which owes its name to the famous Francis of Assisi. The city itself is little more than 800,000 inhabitants. As a place bordering the tectonic facet is exposed to frequent earthquakes, but it balances the location of the town in the hills, surrounded by mountains and the water of the bay. The area is located a seven islands, including the famous Alcatraz.

The city is the clash of modernity and tradition.

 Like most American cities as San Francisco and was founded in the seventeenth century. The beginning was the discovery of San Francisco Bay by the Spaniards and build on these areas of missions and military forts to defend the Russians. Initially, the Franciscans founded a few missions and a year later founded the city of San Francisco areas. Very quickly, the city became the most important port in the Pacific Ocean. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, California became part of Mexico's independence and with it, of San Francisco, but 25 years later, after the Mexican-American War, it became part of the United States of America. Of particular importance for the development of the city were discovered in the area of ​​gold deposits. Another factor is the construction of the transcontinental railroad. The development of trade, industry and culture has been disrupted by the earthquake and the rebuilding of San Francisco became the cultural center of the West Coast.

Town in the hills

The location of San Francisco on 48 hills on one side makes it a very spectacular and interesting geographical location, on the other hand definitely makes life difficult for residents. The reason is sometimes steep slope of the ski, which has a negative impact on communication. Earthquakes also adversely affect the construction and development of the city. Especially repercussions on classical buildings before 1906, when the one of the largest earthquakes and lasting fires completely destroyed the city. It was rebuilt about 20 years later, but most of the older buildings have not been restored. Despite this, the city is alive thanks to tourism, and it is the third most visited city in the United States. Tourism is based on economics, but is also an important factor in Silicon Valley and the associated influx of high-level skilled workers. August also develop other industries, ports, banking and trade.

The most famous bridge in the world is the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

Sights and attractions

Associates undeniably special place just from San Francisco's famous Bridge of GoldenGate. Its towers can be seen from almost any point of the city. Construction of the bridge took more than four years and its length is 1280m. In particular, it looks beautiful in the morning, when the fog enshroud him. This bridge is a bridge called suicide because it jumped more than 2000 people. The heart of San Francisco's Union Square, a place full of artistic climate, cafes, shops and much smaller size, and the streets slowly climbs the picturesque city trolley line. Here is a Theater District, built on the model of Broadway, full of exotic restaurants and theaters for adults. Symbol of modern San Francisco Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper holding 48 floors and 60-foot spire on top. In the districts of the city are also worth a look: Financial District, Chinatown and the Mission. The first one is the only cluster of skyscrapers in the city, the second is the beautiful color and the Asian community living world and the third - one of the few remaining after the great earthquake of old mission.

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